VO2 max control in crossfit and betting

Health is the highest value for everyone. Although people don’t pay special attention to medical indicators of their health, it doesn’t mean they are not important. While doing sport we can not only keep fit, but improve our health. As oxygen plays an important role here, this index must be checked constantly. In order to increase it you may start training with a crossfit system. Let’s puzzle out what VO2 max is itself, how to deal with it while crossfit exercising and why to consider this in betting.

What is VO2 max?

Basically, it is nothing more than the maximum quantity of oxygen that the body processes during exercise. In other words, the term refers to the amount of oxygen that may be used during breathing, and may therefore actually be used in sports (like jogging, for instance).
For ordinary people the index is 40-50 ml/kg/min, while for athletes – 70-80 ml/kg/min.

Why is VO2 max so important to check?

The importance of VO2 max is based on the fact that it, under conditions of great exertion with high endurance, gives us the opportunity to prolong the period when the body makes the most of oxygen, so bettors must mind that. In other words, the higher it is, the more effectively
the athlete is supposed to keep working out.
While talking about professional sportsmen, they must do the testing constantly, since a high value better saturates the body with oxygen and thus increases performance and maximizes the training effect. It[‘s crucial for betting. On the other hand, activities that approach or exceed the oxygen limit imply a high energy requirement, so adequate rest is necessary.

Can VO2 max be increased?

While VO2 max is naturally determined, like everything else, you are able to influence its conditions. In fact, due to good training, it may be improved by 15%, but no more.
Although everyone’s aerobic capacity is genetic, as we have mentioned, there are activities such as climbing, running, cycling or crossfit training that will increase this index, so such betting will be more beneficial.
Once more again, if you are a professional athlete VO2 max is essential for you, but don’t forget to consider other aspects. For instance, a sportsman with less than 60-70 ml / kg / min VO2 max results is going to never become an elite one, but there are some exceptions to this rule that negate the main ones, since there are other performance factors that need to be taken into account, such as muscle efficiency or high anaerobic threshold (to withstand running at high intensity for as long as possible). Everything is important while betting.

So how can crossfit help to make this indicator better and why is it crucial for betting?

VO2 max needs to be trained permanently, day by day. That’s why crossfit seems to be perfect for it. As the discipline combines lots of exercise from different sports (athletic, aerobics, etc), it’s highly appropriate to promote oxygen production as well.
Having figured out the strongest athletes, you are free to predict future winners easily.