About Us

VO2 Max Health and Performance approaches all clients as unique individuals. Our goal is to approach everyone with an objective overview as to what will make a difference in their lives. We honor the difference in clients on a pursuit towards greater Health vs those on a pursuit towards increased Performance. Our goal is to assess and provide a great training option that will cater towards everyone’s unique needs. We don’t not believe in lumping everyone into the same category or program. Our Health and Performance Coaches are all very passionate and driven in this field. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of the pack in the way we approach training. Our group classes will much more focused on quality of movement then other facility’s. Our Personal Training and Personalized Program Design will be objectively progressed, and meet you where you are at currently. It’s important to us to take all lifestyle, nutritional, mental, emotional factors into account while designing programs for our clients. Our goal is to be consistent in our professionalism and over deliver on all type of services.

Core Values

V02MAX HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE is an environment of respect, altruism and honesty. All of our coaches have a deep personal commitment to health and fitness driven by a passionate desire to impact people’s lives in a positive way.  Responsibility and accountability are at the forefront of our coaching philosophy.  Our programs have a strong foundation built on current academic analysis and our results are achieved through thoughtful, solution focused practices that are authentic, reliable and well-founded. As scientific research continues to evolve, we acknowledge that being accountable requires us to continue expanding our expertise in the fields of health, fitness, sports psychology and athletic performance. This commitment to learning allows us to perpetually improve our approach and maximize effective outcomes for our clients.

A growth mindset is a prerequisite to empowered behavior and the development of resilience. As we grow we illuminate opportunities, expand our context, and experience life in new ways.  By pushing outside the bounds of comfort, we acquire new knowledge, skills and adaptations.  We believe that our most basic abilities can be progressively advanced through dedication and hardwork.  Resilience allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times of their lives. We want to encourage more individuals to stretch themselves, to stick with their goals, especially when it’s hard because doing so yields confidence, grit and conviction.  We consider growth to be an important life-affirming experience therefore, we are committed to the growth of every member in our community.

Every action we take affects the course of our lives. The smallests shifts in our day to day decisions can determine the most meaningful outcomes. Awareness is key to successful acquisition of health or improved performance. By having mindful habit formation, avid attention to detail, conscious effort and discipline we are able to live in accordance with our values and beliefs. This creates a clear sense of meaning in our work and in the connections we make with others. We are determined to be intentional in our attitude, decisions, sleep, nutrition, training and our interactions. Everything from our initial assessments with clients to the celebration of their successes is done with profound purpose.

Grit is defined as passion and perseverance for long-term meaningful goals (Duckworth, 2016).  An individual’s propensity for grit directly correlates to the likelihood of successfully achieving anything worthwhile in life. Grit is a trait and a skill that consists of five qualities: Courage, Conscientiousness, Follow Through, Resilience and Excellence.  To thrive in life, it’s essential to dig deep and to intentionally strengthen one’s resolve amidst discomfort and uncertainty. We believe that grit is something that can be learned and practiced. Avidly cultivating grit in each individual that we work with is one of our greatest ambitions.

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