Ownership Group

Janine Walinski-Shillington

Owner, Health and Performance Coach, Yoga and Spin Instructor

There is a secret to success; happiness, wealth, and longevity. The secret to living a successful life, in my opinion, is being physically active. I believe that everybody, no matter their age, gender, or race needs to train. It is something you cannot speak of, only feel when you experience it. As a trainer it’s my job and my goal to help make you succeed in your goals. It is my job to guide, teach and tell you everything I know to help you achieve things you have never thought you could do! I want to show you the miracles, the body transformations, the success and the happiness that comes from within. Let me share this secret with you.

Ernie Stewart

Owner, Head Health and Performance Coach, Director of Training, Health and Performance Coach

Ernie has extensive experience in high level athletics as well as the training for athletics. Ernie grew up with the singular focus of becoming a Professional Hockey Player. He began training for the sport at the age of 10. From there, his obsession began to grow in his interest in finding the most optimal training methods to elevate his own performance in the sport of hockey. This 20 year journey took him through Junior, University and Professional Hockey endeavour’s. To this day, Ernie believes in the importance in having a “top end goal” that drives all of your daily habits and behaviors. He believes that Work Ethic, Passion, and Grit are all results of having a clear vision of where you are going. Ernie’s interest still stems from an obsession to find optimal training practice which then encourages personal growth and awareness. Ernie considers himself very fortunate to be working in the fitness industry as it allows for endless opportunity for both professional, educational, and personal growth.

Brett Shillington


I’ve been an owner / operator at VO2 Max since the beginning in 2009. My passion for being active has lead me down this path. Starting with Hockey as a young kid, playing every sport possible into finishing my competitive sports with Football at 20. My drive for being competitive and desire to stay active has lead me to pursue a career in Fitness. With each year of being involved and understanding what it means to stay active and healthy has only increased my passion to respect that personal physical health can be a huge drive in mental and emotional health as well. In business and in life, it’s the journey of experience, not the destination, that can creates personal success. “Your actions of today, make who you want to be tomorrow”.