Sports Performance

Semi-Private Training
– Includes individual design
– Semi-private instruction 3x weekly
– 2-3 other individualized sessions weekly – athlete can perform these sessions during any open hours
– Individualized assessment with biomechanical, nutritional, lifestyle, and performance components
– Constant progression and program management provided

Online Programming/Coaching Service
This service will be based 100% as a progression towards the client’s individual/ specific goals and needs. Using the TrueCoach application, the client and coach will communicate daily. The coach will provide the client with all their workouts including demo videos, written instruction, feedback, and the ability for the coach to review videos from the client. This service can be both viewed as a long-term means to help the client progress towards their goals, or as a short-term means to give the client some specific work to enable them to later continue with our group classes or another endeavor. The largest advantage of this service is the removal of all fitness aspects that will be none related to the client’s specific needs/ goals, which should lead to greater results relative to that individual client. Clients who use this service have a wide range of goals, including body composition goals, endurance events, strength events, sport-specific goals, and health and wellness aspirations. The price of this service will vary depending on the coach.

Sports Consulting/Engineering
– This service will provide a blueprint of direction for an individual to reach their full athletic potential. There is an abundance of potential services, paths, directions that an athlete can get lost in. Too many athletes are spending money, time, resources on services that do not give them meaningful results. Having a professional overseeing the broad picture relative to the specific athlete will give a much greater chance for meaningful athletic progression.

– This service is both suited for a serious athlete looking for support, guidance, and truthful objective overview, as well as an athlete who is displeased with his or her lack of progress in the past

Fitness/ Performance Seminars/ Education
– In House and Onsite options

Individualized Nutrition Plans

Hockey Assessment