VO2 Max Education Program

It is our goal to provide fitness coaches with a highly educational, interactive, and reflective experience in Health and Performance Training.  All coaches taking part in this program should anticipate exposure to every aspect that our facility has to offer, including hands on experience in training clients.  At Vo2 Max, we take great pride in both developing some of the healthiest/ fittest clients around but also in being able to provide great careers for our staff long term. This is a 350-hour program that is intended to give you a large advantage over other professionals in the industry. The intended duration of the program is 16 weeks. Coaches may complete this process at a slower or faster rate upon approval by Head Coach. Employment at Vo2 Max is not guaranteed as a result of this program.

To find out start dates of the next available program, or for more information – please contact headcoach@vo2maxhp.com