Personal Training

Personal Training and small groups up to 4 are sold on a single session rate. We have 3 different levels of trainers, with rates being charged accordingly:

1-on-1 Personal Training:
-Level 1, $65 + gst
-Level 2, $75 + gst
-Level 3, $85 + gst

2-on-1 Personal Training:
-Level 1, $45 + gst
-Level 2, $55 + gst
-Level 3, $65 + gst

3-on-1 Personal Training:
-Level 1-3, $40 + gst

4-on-1 Personal Training:
-Level 1-3, $35 + gst

Adult Group Training & Classes

Punch Pass & Drop-Ins
-Drop Ins, $21.00 + gst
-Punch Pass (12 Passes), $199.00 + gst

Adult Memberships
-Two Week Unlimited (new members only), $60.00 + tax

Month to Month Unlimited Class Membership, $228.00 + gst

6 Month Unlimited Class Contract, $185.00 + gst

12 Month Unlimited Class Contract, $165.00 + gst

Open Gym Membership Contract, $125.00 + gst

Unlimited Class Membership for Emergency Services (15% Discount), $193.80 + gst

Teens & Kids Group Training & Classes

Punch Pass & Drop-Ins
-Drop Ins, $11.50 + gst
-10 Visits Punch Pass, $98.00.00 + gst
-5 Visits Punch Pass, $50 + gst

12 Month Unlimited Kids/Teens Class Membership, $105.00 = gst

Child Watch

Child Watch is available for children older then 6 months. All Child Watch staff have cleared their Vulnerable Sector Check and completed their Emergency Child Care First Aid and CPR course.  Every hour, space is limited to a certain number of children, dependent on registered ages.  For your children’s safety, a maximum of two babies (6-12 mo) and several children between ages one and up are allowed.  Parents must remain on site at VO2MAX AT ALL TIMES.

Reserving for Child Watch – Members may call our front desk at 780.518.0469 and book their child into Child Watch. Child Watch hours may vary so please check the schedule frequently.
Before a child is accepted, parents must complete the registration form and waiver.  Parents are not permitted to leave their children if they show signs of flu, cold, coughing, rashes or nausea.  Parents may be asked to leave class to console their child, change a diaper or assist their child in the washroom. Please bring clean indoor shoes for children who can walk, change of clothes, and PEANUT FREE Snacks.

Child Drop-In
1 Hour, $6.50 + gst

Child Punch Pass, 12 Visits, $75.00 + gst

Child Punch Pass, 20 Visits, $125.00 + gst

Online Programming

Personalized Online Gym Programming – Define your fitness goals, find your motivation, and stay accountable. Whether on-site or off-site, on-line or in-person, having a trainer in your court can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jumpstart your routine. Customized plans based on your needs.

Online Programming for Training OFF-site, $185.00 + gst

Online Programming for Training ON-site, $225.00 + gst

Spin Classes

-Drop Ins, $21.00 + gst

Monthly Punch Pass – 4 Sessions per Month, $69.00 + gst

12 Month Unlimited Spin Contract
-$85.00 + gst per month

6 Month Unlimited Spin Contract
-$90.00 + gst per month

1 Month Limited Special
Month of August

-$80.00 + gst per month

**Limited bikes available, please book online ahead of time to ensure there is a bike available for you.
12 Hour Late Cancel or No Show Policy
-$21.00 + gst


Start up Assessment –Starting point for Personal training, buddy training, and online programming. The client will meet the trainer for initial lifestyle assessment, goal setting, body composition, movement and fitness assessment. The intent of this assessment is to find out where the client currently sits relative to these variables and to decide on a starting point of action for the client. The client will experience much more consistent long-term results by completing this. Every individual is completely different and will require a different starting place for their endeavour in fitness. The only way to make an objective decision on this is though a thorough assessment.  $150.00 + gst (Includes a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water on an InBody Result Sheet. An InBody Test can take anywhere from 15-120 seconds, depending on the model used.)

Assessment, $100.00 + gst

Postural and Movement Assessment

A detailed assessment and report on an individual’s current posture and movement capabilities. This assessment is suited for an individual who has been struggling long term with their journey in fitness and is looking to find out greater depth as to who they are, and what direction they should be heading. The result of the extreme depth that the assessment will go into will result in a long-term plan towards the individual’s goals that will get them back on track making progress, with a new system of support put in place. The individual who signs up for this service, may be an existing experienced member, or a current client working with a trainer.

Postural & Movement Assessment, $200.00 + gst