• March 11th Class Program

    A) 5-8 Sets or End of Class
    500m Row
    20 Russian KB Swings @ 24/16kg
    0.6 Mile Assault Bike
    100ft Walking Lunges **no added weight
    500m Ski Erg
    20 No Push-up Burpees

  • March 10th Class Program

    A) 10min EMOM
    1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk @ 75-85% RPE

    B) 15min EMOM
    1st: 5-10 Supinated Pull-ups Or 1-2 Rope Climbs
    2nd: 8-12 HSPU/Dips/Push-ups
    3rd: 30s Hollow Body Hold

    C) Advanced 15min EMOM
    1st: 3-5 Muscle Ups
    2nd: 10-15ft Handstand Walk
    3rd: 10 Cal Assault Bike

    D) 6 Sets @ 85-90%/Tough but Sustainable Effort
    300/260m Row
    50 Double Unders
    Rest 1min

  • March 9th Class Program

    A) Sumo Deadlift
    10×2 @ Challenging Weight w/ pause at the bottom
    Rest 1min to 90s between sets

    B) 5 Sets
    Every 2min Complete
    10/8 Cal Ski/Bike/Row
    12-15 Goblet Squats @ Moderate to Challenging Weight

    C) 15min AMRAP
    25ft DB Front Rack Walking Lunge
    8 Burpees
    25t DB Front Rack Walking Lunge
    8 Toes to Bar

  • March 8th Class Program

    A) 50min @ 75%/Moderate Effort
    5k Row or Ski Erg
    Then with the remaining time in 50min:
    1 Mile Assault Bike
    100 Single Skips
    300m Row/Ski Erg (whichever you did not do for the 5k)
    20 Alt Step ups @ 20″
    30s/arm Side Plank