City Cycle

A powerful and dynamic spin class designed with a combination of hit music, cycling technique and expert coaching.

This class utilizes the energetic potential of its playlist to match speed and tension to the beat of the music.

Choreographed dips, pumps, hovers and tapbacks add challenge and variability, keeping your body moving and heart rate elevated throughout this high-powered workout.

CITY CYCLE is the ultimate urban indoor experience!

Old School Spin

Basic cycling movements, motivational coaching and breathing techniques with coached guidance on proper alignment, gears, exertion, and RPM’s.

OLD SCHOOL SPIN is a classic spin class stripped down to the basic foundations of spin and designed around timed intervals of exertion and recovery.

Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Vo2max Ride

This class resides between our CITY CYCLE and OLD SCHOOL SPIN designs. VO2MAX RIDE consists of heavy climbs, sprints, song length drills and structured intervals that will tone your muscles and get your heart rate up.

This class design aims to comprehensively work your body and your mind by delivering a variety of challenges all in one incredible workout.

…more classes to come!