Spin /TRX

30 min spin 30 min TRX full body.

A program designed to benefit your body and riding in more ways than one. You will start on the bikes with an enjoyable and challenging ride.. Sticking with our ethos of high intensity work ,we will work your FULL-BODY s in the TRX  these moves will  easily modified for all strength levels. Be prepared  to get sweaty.

Vo2max Ride

This is a 45 minute class  Get your cardio on! This high intensity, upbeat class is designed to get you moving fast and sweating buckets. Enjoy fast paced, upbeat tunes that will keep you motivated and energized. Class is appropriate for all fitness levels. This class moves with the music. This class is suitable for all riders 

Hot strength RIDE and rejuvenate 

30 min spin, 30 min in hot yoga room  Full body strength class, ending with shavasana.

This class is designed to use power to strengthen the body and the mind. You will be challenged with high resistance hill climbs that will tone your muscles and sprints that will make your heart pump! You will have a mix of song length intervals and some structured intervals that end mid music. Though some of this class is too the music, some are not.   

Pedal And Pump

This class is for all  levels , it’s a 45 minute class  that gaureens a sweat session combination of light weights while spinning. Full body workout without getting off your bike. 

Spin to the max 

Spin  to the max  is for every rider. Though the class is 60 minutes long,. This class is structured interval training with a focus on longer intervals and sub threshold aerobic base work, though we do some supra threshold work from time to time to keep things spicy. This class is a perfect compliment to intensity sessions you have ridden during the week

Hot core cycle 

20 minutes of high intensity interval training 20 minutes core in hot yoga studio . this class is for every rider .

Hot ass cycle 

This 45-minute class is perfect for those looking to  build up fitness, but still takes care of business with an excellent hard workout. This class will cover proper alignment and provide guidelines for gears, exertion and RPMs for various drill types. There will also be lots of sweat on the floor. Best of all,  you get 20 minutes of all BOOTY in our costume built hot yoga studio