CrossFit | Bootcamp | Hypertrophy


Our CrossFit program will utilize Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, and Endurance Methods in a variety of time domains in order to develop work capacity in a broad variety of activities and time durations. There will be some focus on skill development of the movements specific to CrossFit with the intent of improving the efficiency of those movements specifically. Benefits of the CrossFit program will be Strength improvements at both slow and fast velocities, and Endurance (in both short and long time domains, specific to CrossFit), Body Composition, and Muscle Mass Development.


Much like the CrossFit Program, Bootcamp will utilize Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Endurance Modalities in a variety of time domains to develop work capacity. There is less focus on using highly technical movements and more emphasis on using common less technical movements to improve strength and endurance in broad time domains, Body Composition, and Muscle Mass Development.


Hypertrophy class is intended to get clients to build muscle mass. Many folks out there spend hours in the gym in an attempt to develop muscle mass but get frustrated with the lack of results. Variables such as progressive volume of mechanical tension and fatigue management will be key variables for more advanced individuals. Developing proficiency with compound basics will be important for our beginner clients. This class is open to all fitness levels and ability’s