Adult Strength and Conditioning

The intent of this class is to provide a long term, sustainable training option for all adults that will allow for the develop of movement quality, muscle mass, Aerobic Conditioning and Body Composition. The class will utilize Slow-Speed Strength Exercises in order to help immune system function, and musculoskeletal health. The conditioning done will be utilizing more basic exercises then those done in CrossFit class.  This will allow for our clients to focus on improving fitness levels without concerned with skill acquisition of gymnastics and Olympic Lifting. This class will be the best suited for those who wish to improve the above quality’s, and do not have any CrossFit specific ambitions. This class will also serve as great base preparation for those  who wish to participate in our CrossFit classes regularly in the future. If unsure which options are best for you. We recommend booking an Assessment with one of our Health and Performance Coaches.