June 29th Class Program

A) Deadlift
5 Sets; Every 2min Complete 8 reps @ Challenging Weight

B) 10min EMOM
3 Squat Cleans @ 155/105lb
15 Double Unders

C) 3 Rounds @ High Effort
500/400m Row
15 Toes to Bar/Toes to Ring
AMRAP of Thrusters @ 115/80lbs with remaining time in 4min
Rest 3min

A) 10min @ 85-90%/Tough but Sustainable Effort
50 Double Unders/100 Single Skips
15 DB/KB Deadlifts
15 Cal Row/Bike/Ski

B) 10min EMOM
1st: 10 DB Front Squats
2nd: 10-15 Box Jumps w/ Step Down

C) 21min AMRAP
500m Row/Ski (0.8 Mile Assault Bike)
8 DB Thrusters
15 Toes to Ring/Toes to Bar
8/side DB Walking Lunge