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Bootcamp, CrossFit & Yoga Classes

First class FREE.  Always.

 CrossFit – CrossFit seems to be everywhere these days but VO2Max is Grande Prairie’s first and only CrossFit gym.  CrossFit VO2Max is very different from a commercial gym. No training on your own.

Our CrossFit programming builds strength and conditioning through varied and challenging classes.  The 60 minute classes include a warm up, technical instruction and a WOD (workout of the day).   Each day, the WOD is programmed with something different than the day, or the week or even the month before.  CrossFit provides an opportunity to develop a body capable of about anything else you want to physically accomplish.  Workouts can be ‘scaled’ for all abilities resulting in a diverse class of adults, kids or teens.

You need to register for every CrossFit class you want to come to using a convenient ‘Mind Body’ app on your smart phone or iPad.  All you need is an active drop-in, punch pass or membership on-line, which you can buy on-line, too.  When you get to VO2Max, you scan in and off to class you go.  Class size will be capped to ensure quality coach to class ratio.


CrossFit On-Ramp Program – Prior to attending regular adult CrossFit classes, VO2Max’s On-Ramp/Intro is available for any beginner CrossFitter. These beginner classes are mandatory at VO2Max, unless you have 3-6 months CrossFit experience. If you have done CrossFit in the past, feel free to use this program as a great refresher for improving your existing technique and skill set. No matter how experienced you are, these are valuable sessions and worth your time.

Start these classes any day of the week. Classes will highlight the different fundamental movements used in CrossFit. Each session will include warm-up, technical skill session and a mini-WOD. Each individual is unique so in order to “graduate” to regular adult CrossFit classes, you will need to be “passed” by the CrossFit coach. This will depend on your improving fitness level and skill development during the course of your classes attended.

To begin your On-Ramp/Intro classes, please purchase an unlimited monthly membership or 12 punch pass.  Please register for your class through the ‘Mind Body’ app on your smart phone or iPad.


Bootcamp – Every fitness facility offers bootcamps but none are quite like VO2Max’s unique style.  If you like creative high intensity interval training in a group atmosphere, our bootcamps will keep you challenged and engaged.  You don’t have to be in shape to come to bootcamp but you have to be prepared to get in shape once you get here.

In addition to our daily bootcamps, specialized classes are also available if you have a group looking to train together for a specific event, such as Canadian Death Race, Zulu Challenge, Spartan Race or Tough Mudder training.  Please ask for more details.

You need to register for every Bootcamp class you want to come to using a convenient ‘Mind Body’ app on your smart phone or iPad.  All you need is an active drop-in, punch pass or membership on-line, which you can buy on-line, too.  When you get to VO2Max, you scan in and off to class you go.  Class size will be capped to ensure quality trainer to class ratio.


Yoga – Join Grande Prairie’s best yoga instructors in our beautiful, custom designed hot yoga studio.  Our innovative heating system provides a perfect yoga environment with temperatures up to 40 degrees C and 50% humidity.    Each instructor brings their authentic experience and knowledge to combine traditional yoga with an innovative twist.  Whether you’re an experienced Yogi, brand new to yoga or an athlete unable to touch your toes, VO2Max has a variety of yoga styles and heat temperatures for everyone’s ability.  For additional details on class styles and benefits of hot yoga, please visit our website:

All scheduled classes require pre-registration.  At VO2Max, we want to provide you with the highest quality of training as possible and this can only be done in a regulated, small class setting.  Please ask us to show you how easy it is to log-in and register for your favourite class.

You need to register for every Yoga class you want to come to using a convenient ‘Mind Body’ app on your smart phone or iPad.  All you need is an active drop-in, punch pass or membership on-line, which you can buy on-line, too.  When you get to VO2Max, you scan in and off to class you go.  Class size will be capped to ensure quality Yoga Instructor to Yogi ratio.

Personal Training & Buddy Training

Personal & “Buddy” Training – Come work out with a personal trainer, either one-on-one or drag some friends along with you.  Whatever works for you and keeps you motivated is achievable at VO2Max.

A one-on-one session with one of our personal trainers will keep you accountable and pushed to do your best job.  You can’t hide in a group with only one person.  If you need friends or family to push you and make you show up to the studio for your appointment, then we can arrange training sessions with another individual or two.

Custom Designed Workout Groups – Seriously, your OWN workout group with your OWN friends/family/co-workers.  Workouts can be Strength Training, Bootcamp, CrossFit – you get to choose.  Plus, you get to pick the time that works for you and the people you want to work out with!  Challenge your co-workers to become healthier with you.  Corporates rates are available.

Misery loves company, right?  You’ll love us, we promise.


 Other Personal Services Available

 Fitness Assessment – A fitness assessment provides a great benchmark for your starting point of training.  First you will meet with a personal trainer for 30-45 minutes who will guide you through:

Fitness goal setting            Weight                    Measurements

“Before” pictures                Fitness test

Your second meeting will include one personal training session.

Body Composition – Body Composition is used to describe the percentages of your fat, bone and muscle.  Because our muscular tissue takes up less space in our body than fat tissue, our body composition, as well as our weight, determines leanness.  At VO2Max, we use BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis), which uses the resistance of electrical flow through the body to estimate body fat, or CALIPER testing.  Don’t simply rely on the scale.  Get a Body Comp.

For BIA Body Comps, please no eating or drinking for 2 hours prior to this appointment.

Fitness Program or Home Gym Program – Need to work out on your own or have your own equipment at home?  Our personal trainers can provide you with a home program for you to work through on your own.

Running Program/CrossFit Endurance Program – Is learning to run on your list to do?  Looking at your first 5k race, half or full marathon?  Death Race?  Zulu, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race?  VO2Max can provide you with a running program, with detailed weekly workouts, to assist you in reaching your next running goal.


Nutrition Services 

Most of us have figured out that exercise alone does not work.  Certified ISSA Sports Performance Nutrition and Precision Nutrition coach, Jenn Mackinnon, will be available for nutrition counselling on M-W-F between 2:00 – 5:00 pm, with monthly Wednesday evenings and Saturday appointments.  Get a nutrition program made for you and not built around supplements, potions and pills.

Base With the Base Nutrition, you receive a nutrition plan custom designed to suit your lifestyle, your needs and your goals.  Prior to your appointment, a nutrition questionnaire needs to be completed.  It is available at the front desk or by email.  During your first appointment, you will meet for 60 minutes to review your completed nutrition questionnaire (which includes three days of honest food logging) and have your weight, measurements, fat percentage based on skin caliper testing and pictures taken.

During your second 60 minute appointment, you will be provided with a nutrition package that includes a customized meal plan based on your own information and current metabolic profile, an example of a daily menu based specifically on your goals and education on what is best for you to reach those goals.

16 Week Nutrition Need continued support and accountability?  Bi-weekly meetings for nutrition review, weight, measurements and skin caliper testing are available.

For 16 Week Nutrition, a pre-authorized payment schedule is available for your financial convenience.

 Child Watch

Child Watch is available for children between 6 months and 5 years (6 if the child is not yet attending grade 1). All Child Watch staff have cleared their Vulnerable Sector Check and completed their Emergency Child Care First Aid and CPR course. Every hour, space is limited to 8 children, dependent on the ages registered. For your children’s safety, a maximum of one baby (6-12 months) and several other children between 1 and 5 are allowed. Parents must remain on site at VO2Max and please include a nut-free snack.

Reserving for Child Watch – Parents with memberships (or Personal Training/Buddy Training) may call our front and book their child into Child Watch one week ahead of their preferred class. Parents without memberships can call one day ahead of their preferred class.
Before a child is accepted, parents must complete the registration form and waiver. Parents are not permitted to leave their children if they show signs of flu, cold, coughing, rashes or nausea. Parents may be asked to leave class to console their child, change a diaper or assist their child in the washroom. Please bring clean indoor shoes for children who can walk.
Child Watch hours – 9:00AM – 1:00PM