Hang Clean

Build to tough 4 rep


Back Squat

4 reps every 1:30 mins x 9 sets
*Aim for 70-78% effort, We want good bar speed yet challenging enough to make the 9 sets tough.


20 min EMOM

1st min: 10-12 Cals on Rower
2nd min: 15-20 Wall Balls
3rd min: 10-12 Cals on AirBIke
4th min: 10-14 Alt DB Lunges
5th min: 45-60s Plankhold


Barbell Good Morning

3 Sets x 8-10 reps/side

Dual KB Front Rack Wall Sit

3 Sets x 30-45s Holds

Kneeling Pallof Press

3 Sets x 10-12 reps/side @ controlled tempo


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