Janine Walinski-Shillington

Certified Yoga Instructor
CrossFit Level 1 Cert
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert
CrossFit Endurance Cert
CrossFit Gymnastics Cert
Agatsu Kettlebell Cert
Agatsu Barbell (Olympic/Power lifting)
Fit 4 Two Pre-Post Natal Fitness
N.C.C.P. Level 1 Olympic lifting Coach
Diploma in Fitness Leadership, Personal Trainer Specialization
Certified CESP-CST
AFLCA Certification
Poliquin BioSignature Certification
Varbanov Olympic Lifting Cert

There is a secret to success; happiness, wealth, and longevity. The secret to living a successful life, in my opinion, is being physically active. I believe that everybody, no matter their age, gender, or race needs to train. It is something you cannot speak of, only feel when you experience it. As a trainer it’s my job and my goal to help make you succeed in your goals. It is my job to guide, teach and tell you everything I know to help you achieve things you have never thought you could do! I want to show you the miracles, the body transformations, the success and the happiness that comes from within. Let me share this secret with you.

Ernie Stewart

Certified Personal Trainer – CanFit Pro
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
Hockey Alberta Level One Coaching
General Business Administration Diploma – Mount Royal University
NASM-PES (National academy of sports medicine- performance enhancement specialist)

Ernie is not new to the hockey world and has extensive experience in training for the sport. His philosophy stems from an athletic background, as well as through his extremely high value on continuing education. Ernie’s hockey experience comes in the form of competing his whole life, all the way to the Minor Pro level. Ernie believes that a major separation from an average to above average coach is a balanced experience in both the practical, and academic aspects of performance training. Ernie seeks to find out the “why” behind training principles, as well as seeking continuous insight through personal experience. Ernie enjoys traveling to various courses and seminars to further his knowledge in Strength and Conditioning. Ernie believes in an individualized approach to performance training, as no two athletes are the same. Through constant assessment he is able to design effective programs that cater to each individual’s specific needs. By properly assessing an athlete’s movement, there is insight to be gained on how an individualized program will lead to a better athlete on the ice. Ernie has written programs and ran training sessions for various levels of athletes, including NHL, Minor Pro, College, Junior and Minor Hockey players. When Ernie is not studying or coaching, he enjoys his own training in the gym to analyze specific philosophies, and further his practical knowledge.

Brett Shillington

CrossFit Level 1 Cert
CrossFit Coach’s Prep Course
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Cert
CrossFit Mobility Cert
CrossFit Gymnastics Cert
CrossFit Endurance Cert
Agatsu Kettlebell Cert
Agatsu Barbell (Olympic / Powerlifting) Cert
N.C.C.P. Level 1 Olympic Lifting Coach
CanFit Pro Certified
Varbanov Olympic LIfting Cert
OPEX CCP Level 1 (Final Project Pending)

“Actions of today make who we are tomorrow. Don’t let failures define you, but create lessons to grow from. The idea of perfection will never be attained, but with focus on progress of who we are daily, we stand a greater chance of becoming who we can be proud to be. Life is actions, not words….”

Jenn Roach (Jenuine Dynamics)

Certified Yoga Instructor
Diploma in Fitness Leadership, Personal Trainer Specialization
Certified CESP-CST
AFLCA Certification
Olympic Lifting Certification

Jennifer Roach grew up in Ontario and moved to Alberta in 2011. She attended GPRC and graduated with a diploma in Fitness Leadership, April 2011. Jennifer has since obtained her Agatsu Barbell, NCCP Olympic Lifting, Fit 4 Two Pre-Post Natal Fitness and CrossFit Endurance Certification. She is very active in her yoga practice.
Jennifer participated in the 2011 and 2012 Tri-Fitness competition in St. Petes Beach, Florida. She placed 3rd in Bikini model.

When Jennifer isn’t at the studio training her clients, she enjoys snowboarding, traveling, reading, rollerblading (especially when there aren’t any dogs on long, stretchy leashes in front of her) and travelling.
Jennifer has overcome many obstacles which help her really understand individual challenges in her clients’ personal lives and schedules. She is motivating, encouraging, and inspiring to clients to make healthier choices in their lives. She loves helping them to set and reach their goals. She makes her clients accountable. When you meet Jennifer, you will see that she is one of those “Jenuine” people and so is her company, Jenuine Dynamics.

Michael Sheehan (Physical Fitness)

Diploma in Fitness Leadership, Personal Trainer Specialization
Poliquin BioSignature certification
Varbanov Olympic Lifting Cert
Crossfit Level 1 Cert
CrossFit Level 2 Cert
Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Gymnastics
Okanagan Strength & Conditioning
N.C.C.P Level 1 Olympic Lifting Coach
N.C.C.P Certified Coach

Michael attended GPRC and graduated in the Fitness Leadership Program. He is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and also holds his Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell, Powerlifting and TRX certification, and Poliquin BioSignature Course. Michael played football for eight years and coached three seasons. He specializes in individual client training and sport specific training for athletes.
“My passions lie in a severe competitive nature as well as a continuous drive to grow in every way possible. I believe an individual should be able to grow intellectually as well as physically through forms of training and to be able to connect the mind with the body on a much deeper level. I use the gym as a sort of meditation if you will, to put aside all of life’s distractions and focus on each lift, always trying to improve upon them. I stay fit because it relaxes me and helps me achieve my goals in and outside of the gym.”

Ryan Doll

American Council on Exercise (A.C.E) – Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Cert
CrossFit Level 2 Cert
CrossFit Gymnastics
NCCP Level 1 & 2 Gymnastics
Varbanov Olympic Weightlifting Level One

Practice makes perfect right? I have come to realize that’s wrong. Practice makes permanent, and as a coach I strive for perfect practice. Creating strong stable positions and efficiency in gymnastics and weightlifting, improving the quality of both of these aspects of fitness. I look to help and improve the body’s ability to move through space. Also to teach and surprise people who are willing to learn the art of gymnastics.

Crystal Shoff

Certified Personal Trainer-CanFitPro
CrossFit Level 1 & 2
CrossFit Gymnastics
Varbanov Olympic Weightlifting Level One
FMS Course

Life has taught me that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about effort, and when you implement that effort into your life…EVERYDAY…that is where the transformation happens-that is how change occurs, whether it is a physical change or a changed mindset.  I believe the “physical” and the “mental” go hand-in-hand because the body will believe what the mind tells it to.  My goal is not only to train my clients to have a strong, healthy body…but to have a strong, healthy mind as well.

Competing in CrossFit the last 5 years while being a mom has brought me to the most uncomfortable physical and mental place I have ever been.  It is hard, but it’s also amazing to look back and see I overcame some major challenges not only in the gym, but my personal life as well.  I trained my mind to be strong, even in the most defeating circumstances!  I love competing in CrossFit and challenging myself.  My daughter is my world and being the best mom I can be is my #1 priority.

When I’m not training, I enjoy being outside with my horses and hiking!  I also play the guitar and have 5 years of vocal training.  Singing is another passion of mine.

I will continue to learn more and better my knowledge in this industry because it is ever-changing and I want to offer the best I can to my clients.


Evonne Rohatinsky

Diploma in Fitness Leadership

Tanya Barrett

Kabuki Movement Systems Coach
Level 1 Fascial Stretch Therapist (certified by the Stretch to Win Institute)
Darby Training Systems Assessment and Exercise
Darby Training Systems Program Design
Darby Training Systems Olympic Weightlifting
Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
TRX Systems Coach
TRX Rip Training Coach
*Pursuit of Strength Powerlifting by Avi Silverberg Program Design Workshop
*Pursuit of Strength Powerlifting by Avi Silverberg Technique Workshop

I am a strength and conditioning coach that firmly believes fitness is about a lifestyle transformation.  I strive to help my clients develop lifelong habits that not only enable them to meet their short-term goals, but to also provide the knowledge and confidence to constantly challenge themselves, and create a passion for long-term health and fitness.

As an active provincial referee and member of the International Powerlifting Federation, I am continually dedicating myself to the pursuit of strength and conditioning.  Through my four years experience, both as an athlete and coach, I am able to provide education and experienced coaching that is constantly changing.  Developing my knowledge and education furthers my own passion to learn and allows me to provide my clients with relative, innovative and current coaching techniques and information – all delivered by individualized programming.

Kaylyn Meeres

Certified Personal Trainer Diploma through GPRC
Certified Through CSEP-CPT

I was born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  After attending GPRC I graduated with a Personal Trainer Diploma and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP-CPT as of May 2017.  I have been a part of the VO2Max Family since I was 16 years old!  I competed in Tri-Fit in Florida as part of the VO2Max Team with Janine Shillington and Jen Roach as my coaches and I’ve been hooked on fitness ever since.

I love being a Personal Trainer!  I like helping people achieve their fitness goals.  My family has history of Diabetes and Cancer and I truly believe heath and fitness play a major role in our overall health long-term.  I am also passionate about injury prevention and why strength training (done properly!) can be so important as we age.  Its never too late to put your fitness plan into action!

I enjoy horseback riding and sledding when I’m not at the gym – basically any outdoor sports!  So fun!



Diploma Personal Training

FMS Level 1

I have a passion for fitness and acquiring knowledge about my field. My definite purpose is to share this knowledge with the public so that they can have success in sport training, weight loss, over coming back pain, pain free movement and so on. I recognize that every body is different. For that reason I never create “cookie cutter” programs. Each client is taken through the assessment process where life style (sleep, nutrition, stress levels etc..), movement mechanics, and aerobic capacity are taken into consideration. From there a fitness plan is made for the individual based on their results so that they can have victory over their goals.

Traci Unger

AFLCA Group Exercise Leader; Cycle designation, Portable Equipment, Step & Mind/Body designation

Personal Training Specialist
Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist
Olympic Lifting & Power Lifting Coach
Strength Training for Weight Loss
TRX Group Training Certified
Level 2 NCCP Gymnastics & Trampoline Coach
Standard First Aid & AED
Bachelor of Education & Physed

Since a young age, I have been involved in many genres of sport as both a competitor and a coach. As an adult I trained for fitness competitions and still continue to challenge myself in athletics.
At the age of 13, I began coaching gymnastics. Coaching at such a young age enhanced my desire to be a school teacher, thus earning my Bachelor of Education and Physed. I continued onto a new career of passion becoming a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have been going strong in the industry for 11 years now. When you love what you’re doing, your energy radiates!


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