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True Fitness!

Check out these bombshell VO2Max Athletes! These ladies went through some grueling training and nutrition plans. Looks like hard work has paid off.

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VO2Max October WODFEST

Book these dates in your calendar because it’s going to be EPIC!

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Events and Promos

[ April 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015. ]

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Athlete of the Month – January 2015

ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – After a six month hiatus, it’s back!  This month we highlight Rob and Cecile Neil.  Rob and Cecile started training with Brett and Janine, before VO2Max even existed.  Pre-VO2Max, bootcamps were held outdoors at the Leisure Centre track.  Rob describes the experience with a simple sentence, “It was hell.”  But […]

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Oly Lifter Deb Chrenek WINS!

Congratulations to Debra Chrenek on winning her competition last weekend.
Deb competed in the Olympic Power and Fitness Open Weightlifting Reclassification Event in Edmonton on May 31st, through the Alberta Weightlifting Association.  She weighed in at 54kg and scored a 46kg snatch and 58kg clean & jerk.  Not sure what other 46 year old Grande Prairie […]

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New Athlete (Couple) of the Month – February 2014

It’s long overdue so we are more than happy to announce our next Athlete of the Month…Athlete COUPLE of the Month actually:
Mat & Kristy Elliott
Mat and Kristy are all over the map when it comes to classes. Because of that, they are a pretty well-known couple around the gym. Both have worked their butts off […]

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November Athlete of the Month – Bart MacAlister

ANNOUNCING NOVEMBER’S ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – BART MACALISTER – Bart started training at VO2Max last fall and it’s been a pleasure watching him progress with his skill set and training.  You’ll know Bart as ‘the man with the beard’.  He has quiet, shy presence so we were quite surprised when he pulled up on […]

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New Athlete of the Month…Willow Meagher!

Announcing our next Athlete of the Month….Willow Meagher!  Not everyone sees Willow training at VO2Max.  (She’s an early riser.)  But you do hear her daily on Rock 97.7.  Willow has a big personality, a huge heart, a sense of humour like few others and determination to do her best at everything she commits to.  Say […]

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Ten Week Challenge Early Drawprize Winner

Ten Week Fitness Challenge Early Registration Drawprize Winner…
Thank you to the first 30 people who entered the challenge AND to the rest of you who just registered and are now part of the big competition!
As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm…” but in this case the early bird gets a $300 gift […]

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New Athlete of the Month – Amanda Threinen

How excited do we get when we announce a new Athlete of the Month?  VERY EXCITED!!!  Congratulations to AMANDA THREINEN!  Amanda has been around since the beginning of VO2Max time.  She’s one of our skilled athletes who trains quietly in th…e early mornings.  She is a positive and supportive presence.  Amanda opts to volunteer, rather […]

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