Author: VO2MAX Health and Performance

January 19th Class Program

A) 50-60min @ 75%/Moderate Effort 1000m Row 50 Alt Step ups @ 20″ 1 Mile Assault Bike 100ft Sled Push/Drag @ Light Weight 800m Ski Erg 1min Forearm Plank

January 18th Class Program

A) Back Squat 10min to build to a Tough/Challenging Set of 8 Reps @ 12X1 **2s pause in the bottom B) 10min AMRAP AMRAP Wallballs AMRAP Cal Assault Bike **both partners working at the same time, Switch whenever C) For Time Accumulate: 30 Hang Clean to Overhead @ 135/95lbs 15 Synchro T2B Accumulate: 30 Hang …
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January 17th Class Program

A) Above the Knee Power Snatch 10min to Build to a Moderate/Tough 5 Reps or 10min Practice B) Rope Climb 8min EMOM 1-2 Reps Every Minute (ADV: Legless) C) 4 Sets @ 85%/Sustainable Effort 280m/250m Row 12 Hang Power Snatches @ 95/65lbs Rest 90s 16 Bar Facing Burpees 50 Double Unders (50 Single Skips) Rest …
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January 16th Class Program

A) Front Rack Split Squat 10min EMOM @ High Effort Min 1: 8 Right Leg Split Squats @ Challenging Weight Min 2: 8 Left Leg Split Squats @ Challenging Weight B) 3 Sets @ 85%/Sustainable Effort 2min Row/Bike 12-15 DB Seated Strict Press @ Challenging Weight 10-30s L-Hang C) 13min AMRAP 8 Deadlifts @ 225/155lbs …
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January 15th Class Program

A) 15min @ 75%/Moderate Effort 300m Row 20 Alt Step ups 20 inches 100ft Farmers Walk @ Moderate Weight + No Rest B) 15min @ 75%/Moderate Effort 0.6 Mile Assault Bike 20 Walking Lunges **no added weight 100ft/side Suitcase Carry @ Moderate Weight + No Rest C) 300m Ski Erg 10 No Push-up Burpees 100ft …
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