Month: March 2019

March 8th Class Program

19.3 Open Workout For time:200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge50 dumbbell box step-ups50 strict handstand push-ups200-ft. handstand walk 50-lb/35lb. dumbbell, 24-in. box Time cap: 10 minutes DeadliftCluster 3.3 x 4 sets 15 min EMOM1st min: 100ft Farmers Walk 2nd min: 50ft Shuttle Sprints x 8-10 lengths 3rd min: 8-10 Burpees to OH Target

March 7th Class Program

Bench Press5-5-5-5-5 @20X1 Rest as needed+Pendlay Row5-5-5-5-5 @20X1 Rest as needed 12 min AMRAP @ 80-85% effort7 Axle Bar Hang Cleans @ 115/75 9 Axle Bar STO @ 115/75 12 Axle Bar Front Squats @ 115/75 40 DU’s *Advanced go 135/95….Good luck grip… 3 Sets:1 min AirBIke 5-10 Strict Supionated Pull-ups 1 min Row 5-10 …
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March 6th Class Program

Rowing1000m easy Straight Into 6 rounds 250m hard into 250m easy This is 4000m total 21 mins @ Sustainable EffortRowing or Biking or SkiErg or Shuttle Sprints (Or mix them up if desired) Every 3 mins perform 15 KBS @ 24/16 10 Pushups 5 Burpees over the bar *If these rounds are taking longer than …
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March 5th Class Program

Front Squat10 min EMOM x 5 reps @ Moderate Weight 5 Sets for Quality:5 Power Cleans @ Moderate Weight – No TNG unless very proficient at movement.5 Seated Box Jump @ Tough but not maximal height For time:50 Thrusters @ 45/35 Then into: 3 Rounds of: 12 Alt DB Snatch @ 50/35 12 T2B Then …
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March 4th Class Program

Strict Pull-ups4 Sets x 6-8 reps @20X0Rest 1-2 mins+Strict Handstand Pushups4 Sets x 4-8 reps @20X0*Add deficit if easy**Sub DB/KB Z-Press – No Kipping HSPURest 1-2 mins+L-Sit on Floor4 Sets x 15-25s HoldsRest 1-2mins 5 Sets @ 80-85%15 Cals on Rower10 Lateral Burpees over the bar5 Deadlifts @ 185/115Rest 1 min 12 min EMOM1st min: …
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