Athlete of the Month – January 2015

ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – After a six month hiatus, it’s back!  This month we highlight Rob and Cecile Neil.  Rob and Cecile started training with Brett and Janine, before VO2Max even existed.  Pre-VO2Max, bootcamps were held outdoors at the Leisure Centre track.  Rob describes the experience with a simple sentence, “It was hell.”  But they kept with it and six years later, they are still both training almost every day.  Congrats, Rob and Cecile, on your tenacity and being our first 2015 Athlete of the Month.

If you have any suggestions for a future Athlete of the Month, we’d love to hear from you.  Please email us at  Attn: Athlete of the Month

2015 Athlete of the Month - Rob and Cecile Neil - Jan 2015

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