Oly Lifter Deb Chrenek WINS!

Congratulations to Debra Chrenek on winning her competition last weekend.

Deb competed in the Olympic Power and Fitness Open Weightlifting Reclassification Event in Edmonton on May 31st, through the Alberta Weightlifting Association.  She weighed in at 54kg and scored a 46kg snatch and 58kg clean & jerk.  Not sure what other 46 year old Grande Prairie women were doing last weekend, but it sure wasn’t cleaning house at an Oly competition!  We are so proud of you, Deb!

PS – Thanks to Melise Sears for the pictures and to both her and Nadine Glenn for supporting and cheering Deb on during the competition.

Deb Chrenek OPF competition - 2 May 2014 Deb Chrenek OPF competition - 1 May 2014

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