Ten Week Challenge Early Drawprize Winner

Ten Week Fitness Challenge Early Registration Drawprize Winner…

Thank you to the first 30 people who entered the challenge AND to the rest of you who just registered and are now part of the big competition!

As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm…” but in this case the early bird gets a $300 gift certificate for vehicle detailing, sponsored by Klean Rite!!!

WOW!!!!  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Klean Rite for sponsoring this early registration draw.  THANK YOU!!!

So……the winner is…….JANET RAMSEY!  How dirty is your truck, Janet?  Hahaha!!

Registration is still open until October 4th so please let your friends and family know about it.  The more registrations, the better the prize!

Contestants, please make sure you have booked your weigh-in either Friday night, October 4 or Saturday morning, October 5 with everyone coming to the fitness testing at 1 pm on that day.

If you are away that weekend, please check at the front desk to make other arrangements.

Thanks, everyone and THANKS Klean Rite!!!

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